Watch this new PSA for Worldwide Orphans with Andrew Garfield

8 Reasons Why Andrew Garfield Deserves the Best Birthday Ever!

this list is so cute you should read it


You’re Peter, Anton, Eduardo, Sheldon, Tom, Jack, Eddie, Simmo, Dennis, Tommy, Todd, Biff, and I love that… But I love Andrew Garfield more ❤️

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone play US vs. Uk

Happy 31st birthday, Andrew Russel Garfield! x


Happy 31st Birthday, Andrew Garfield! (August 20th, 1983)


A very Happy Birthday to our favorite web-slinging hero, Andrew Garfield!


Happy Birthday, Andrew Russel Garfield (LA, 20 August 1983)

Jamie Dornan's #IceBucketChallenge (x)

Omg it’s Andrew’s birthday!!!